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National Taiwan Sport University and Munich Business School signed a MOU on March 18, 2014

    A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the Student Exchange Program between National Taiwan Sport University (NTSU) and Munich Business School (MBS) was signed by NTSU President Chin-Hsung Kao and MBS Vice President Stefan Baldi yesterday, which aims to foster further international understanding and academic cooperation.




Beginning with the academic year 2014, each university will annually seek to send up to two students per year to the other for one semester.

   "This signing ceremony is like a wedding ceremony between National Taiwan Sport University and Munich Business School," said NTSU President Chin-Hsung Kao. He hopes by "getting married", the two universities will continue deepening its relationship and benefit students to face the challenge of globalization.

   Munich Business School Vice President Stefan Baldi said, "we hope this exchange program will foster relationship between each university and enable our students to dive into different culture." "NTSU is the first asian university added into our partnership that focus on sports management and I am more convinced with our decision that this will be a successful relationship."  

   MBS is the second university in Europe that has a student exchange program with NTSU; the other one is Semmelweis University in Hungary. Starting from September 2014, there will be three NTSU exchange students studying at Semmelweis University for one year. Currently there are 16 universities across Asia and Europe that implement student exchange program with NTSU. For more information on the program, please visit Centre for International Affairs website.



   (Above) MBS Vice President Stefan Baldi and Academic Director of Master's Program Dr. Christian Schimdkonz visited the TV studio at National Taiwan Sport University.


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