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Minister from Saint Lucia and Palau visit NTSU on September 11.

Minister Fortuna Belrose from Saint Lucia, Minister Baklai Temengil-Chilton from Palau, and Treasurer Frida Delmau from Palau National Olympic Committee visited National Taiwan Sport University on September 11.
During the meeting with NTSU President Chiu, Minister Belrose asked questions about student Athletes, International students, and expressed the intention to have more collaboration with NTSU. President Chiu also encouraged faculty members to establish more collaborations with both Saint Lucia and Palau governments in terms of researching and training in sport.
Faculty members, Dean Huang (Office of Research and Development), Dean Tang (College of Exercise and Health Sciences), and Dean Chen (College of Management) gave an introduction of the University to the guests.
With Dean Huang and Director Fanchiang’s accompany, the guests enjoyed the campus tour of biomechanics lab, SPDI lab, student dormitory, NTSU Stadium, and NTSU arena. During the tour, the guests were curious about things related to holding big event, student athletes’ schedule, international student’s environment. More close collaborations can be expected in the near future.
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