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Attend New Student Orientation on February 17, 2024!

Dear International Students,

A resounding welcome from the National Taiwan Sport University (NTSU)! Brace yourselves for a thrilling adventure as you join us for our New Student Orientation on Februray 17 10:30 am! This dynamic event is meticulously crafted to plunge you into the lively tapestry of NTSU, where passion seamlessly blends with excellence. We can't wait to unveil the myriad ways we champion our students, guiding them toward triumphant success.

Gear up to immerse yourself in the heart of campus life – every session will pulsate with energy and take place in person. The countdown to an unparalleled NTSU experience has officially begun!


Date: Sat., Feb. 17

Time: 10:10-13:30

Location: Room 305, Administration & Teaching Building

Contact: Ms. Arielle Pi-fen Hsu 許碧芬小姐

E-mail: ArielleHsu@ntsu.edu.tw

Organized by Office of Research and Development

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