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National Taiwan Sport University and Kyoto Gakuen University signed the MOU on March 5, 2019

A memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between National Taiwan Sport University (NTSU) and Kyoto Gakuen University (Kyoto University of Advanced Science--KUAS) was signed by NTSU President Ping-Kun, CHIU and KUAS President Chinohara, which aims to foster further international understanding and academic cooperation.
During the signing ceremony, President Chinohara said that “Kyoto Gakuen University is one of the comprehensive universities in Japan, and I am very honored to sign the MOU with the National Taiwan Sport University, which is mainly sports major”. President CHIU is looking forward to short-term exchange of faculty, exchange students, and athletic training etc.
Kyoto Gakuen University is the eighth university contracted with NTSU in Japan. The school has a history of 50 years and is a comprehensive university with four majors, including economics, health, humanities and biological environment. The name of university will be changed to Kyoto University of Advanced Science from April.


Delegation members from KGU took photos with President CHIU and NTSU faculty.



President Chinohara and President Ping Kun, CHIU signed the MOU


President Chinohara and President CHIU took the photo together in signing ceremony


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