NTSU Welcome Picnic for Spring 2023 Ended Sucessfully

NTSU greeted 10 new international students during the Welcome Picnic on March 16. Organized by the International Affairs and Chinese Language Center, the Welcome Picnic allows incoming freshman and returning students to become familiar with each other and meet the faculty members before classes become so intensive.

The most entertaining part of the event was watching our students interacting with faculty and staff during picnic. Everyone was so engaged in getting to know one another, and this is what the Welcome Picnic is all about.

Tents, baskets, mats and other picnic supplies prepared by the International Affairs and Chinese Center also added to the theme. All participants enjoyed their picnic experience, relax in Pine Cones Area and admire the beautiful views on campus. Everyone had a memorable time at the picnic.

(Written by Arielle Pi-fen Hsu)